Academy Program

Our curriculum is based upon the Illinois State Learning Standards ( and supported with affiliation from North Park University and World Mission.

We have a strong Christian-based foundation which is enhanced with exciting Bible teaching and weekly chapel services, added with the academic instruction from a Godly worldview, encourages  spiritual growth and development.  The staff takes this instruction very seriously. It is expected for the parent/guardian to be as supportive of these biblical principles as they are of reading and writing.

In addition to spiritual well being and growth, students are prepared to compete academically at the highest levels. Oakdale Christian Academy and Child Care Center is committed to developing successful well-rounded students and citizens

Spanish and Computer Education are also part of the curriculum. We have an academic intervention program at the Academy for mathematics and reading. All students are not eligible for this program. Guidelines can be given upon request.

Child Care Program

Our professionally trained Child Care Staff are competent and highly experienced in providing a well-rounded, Christian educational environment,while assisting children in making a smooth transition from home or prior school setting.

What is learned in our Pre - K program will provide the foundation for skills necessary to master Kindergarten and doing so in a safe, loving and Christian environment. We provide open enrollment, flexible learning schedules between the hours of 6:00 am - 6:00 pm  and nutritious meals & snacks for  2 - 5 year old children, which our program includes:  

Bible Study
  Literacy /Language Arts
Creative Arts
 Cooking Lessons
Creative Arts
Computer Technology
Science Exploration
Pre - Writing Activities
Sensory/Hands on Activities
Educational Field Trips


Online grade book (Engrade) is available as long as tuition is current . Parents needing information should check with the child’s teacher. Progress reports are distributed every five weeks and report cards are distributed every ten weeks


A - 100 – 94%

B - 93 – 85%

C - 84 – 76%

D - 75 – 70%

F - 69 – 0 %



PRINCIPAL'S SCHOLAR - Straight A’s and NO Checks

A/B HONOR ROLL - All A’s and B’s and NO Checks

MAKING THE GRADE - All A’s, B’s, and C’s and NO Checks

PERFECT ATTENDANCE - No absence or tardies